A book of life advice. How to live well and realize the truth of happiness through being the best you can be and, understanding what the best in us all really is. It's very simple really, understand the complexity of human emotions and you can find out who you really are. You are a creature of emotion. Our essence is emotion and they form our lives and can save our spirits once we embrace them. Read on and enjoy! :)

Obviously I love writing. Whether it be music or a literary pursuit, it feeds my soul and my heart. There are many things which drive us in life, everyone. For myself, it is the love of my life, my fiancee (Brit Lyng) my children and family, nothing means more. True friends, my music and writing, seeing the accomplishment of my deepest thoughts on paper or hearing them in song. They are equally fulfilling to me. I am still trying to figure out which one of the two drives me harder. Regardless, they both turn the burners up! Knowing that something I said has the power to make someones life better? That is what I call true success. I live from my heart and to those who know me, they know this one is true. Doesn't get much better than that. Amen!

Although this is my first book, it is certainly not my last. Presently in the works is a science fiction novel. (SECRET! lol) I will be putting up some excerpts very soon. The book is set in 2050, with aliens, of course! However, some twists, unexpected things. Fingers crossed, I'm working on it!. Yeah baby!

The real me!

This is the cover of the book. I chose this idea as it seemed to illustrate the thought behind the concept of my book. That being I have a lot on my mind. lol You know, carrying a heavy load so-to-speak. The ideas presented in the book are certainly not exclusive of deeper thinking. Truthfully some are, but I attempted to buffer any head-hurting with a good deal of light heartedness. You will find a lot of humor and definitely some wise-cracks in the book. Additionally though, you will find ideals, morals, etchics and conviction. Hopefully presented in a palitable manner and, one which will keep you glued to the pages. The book is about Peter Britt, who and what he is and the man he really is. What you read inside is nothing short of the truth about who I am. I am as everyone else, fallible and I make errors in judgment and mistakes. The most important factor, however, is what we have on the other side of them. If I am truly an honorable man as I believe of myself, the other side holds knowledge and the opportunity to reconcile those mistakes. This, is what I hope and pray for of myself as a man and person.

Welcome. My name is Peter Britt. Some of you may already know who I am from my country music career, but if you do not as yet it's ok. I am a country/rock artist and author. My book, All That I Am, I Think! is basically a journey into me. Peter Britt, the man, the husband and father, the son and the person. The book talks about women, emotion, about love and sex, me, passion, life and death, pain, anger, dreams and more. It certainly talks about truth and, if I have done what I set out to do correctly, when you read my book you will feel as if we are having a conversation, not like you are reading really. I attempted in my own feeble way to elicit the feeling of comfort when I was writing this book. I truly wanted all who read it to feel very comfortable doing so, as if we were talking. If I accomplished this I am very happy. If you read my book and learn something you otherwise did not know or, if it brings to the surface things you somehow forgot along the way? All the better.
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With my literary endeavors as with my music, I love hearing from people. Please e-mail me with any comments. peterbritt@bresnan.net.
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